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  1. Question: Self-isolating ??? Holiday on hold ??? Travel plans cancelled ??? Bored ??? Anxious ??? All of the above ???

    Answer: Enter the Castle Garth Guinea Pig Hotel Boredom-Buster Competition

    What to do: We thought we would love to see your creativity when it comes to your pet

    It can be in any medium, any size, any pet

    No pets ??? Don't worry. Have a go anyway. Have a look at our Instagram account - - for ideas

    No need to go out and buy anything, just use your imagination and whatever materials you have in your house - even if it's just a piece of cardboard and a biro

    Ideas: Paint a stone from your garden, sketch, draw, paint, carve, sculpt, stitch, even stick things together - anything is allowed

    It's not just for kids. Anybody of any age can have a go

    There's no limit on the amount of times you wish to enter either

    The important part is to have fun and to forget everything else

    I've finished: Fantastic, now email the best photo you can take of your masterpiece to - - Don't forget to include you and your pets details

    We want to show off your photos, but only first names will be used to identify photos when published on our website and/or social media platforms. By entering our competition, you are agreeing to this condition

    Winners will be chosen periodically to receive a small free gift courtesy of Castle Garth Guinea Pig Hotel

    Our competition will run until further notice

    We are so excited to see your pets and what you can create

    Please share - Thank you