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  1. Pickle Pig - A Very Important Pig

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    2008 - 2016

    It is with great sadness that we have had to say our final farewells to guest and beloved family pet - Pickle Pig.

    His claim to fame - he was Castle Garth Guinea Pig Hotel's first ever guest, arriving with two other housemates Pip and Snickers way back in March 2010 visiting regular ever since.

    Fiesty until he bonded again with his best buddy Snowy before a short illness left Pickle alone in his twilight years. Never lonely though as he had a brothers-in-arms relationship with the family cat. He was always cheerful, friendly and inquisitive, even at 8 years old he had a permanent smile on his little chubby face. He was a joy to look after whenever his family went on holiday.

    Unfortunately, as old age took hold, as it always does, Pickle came to us at the end of October for 24 hour palliative care, and with the softest fleeces, heated bedding, syringe food on tap - the only piggy who ever loved to be fed by syringe - TV, and a mad, elderly degu as a neighbour, Pickle passed peacefully in my arms on November 18th.

    He will remain a big part of our little hotel's history and will be sadly missed by all.

    Our deepest condolances to Pickle's family with all our love XXX

    There will never be another Pickle Pig.