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  1. It's Going To Get A Tad Windy Out There !!!

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    The first storm of the season and it happens to be a hurricane from Bermuda !!!

    Technically, Hurricane Gonzalo may not be a hurricane when it actually reaches us here in Britain on Monday, however, it will still be very windy with heavy rain and with regards guinea pigs and rabbits that live in outside hutches owners should still prepare for the worst.

    If you can, move their hutch into a drought-proofed shed or summer-house for extra protection. At the very least move them to a sheltered corner of your garden, preferably against a wall or building and turn their hutch around to keep them warm. Better still, take the opportunity to bring your outside pets indoors for the winter. It's better for their health. Give them the best of both worlds. Leave the hutch outside for summer vacations and make a home for them inside for the winter. You don't really like changing them in all weathers anyway.

    There is no need to spend a small fortune on an indoor cage from a pet supermarket as there are inexpensive, large, second-hand cages available on websites such as Ebay and Gumtree. You don't even need to use messy sawdust, which is bad for small animals health anyway. A couple of fleeces on rotation can be shaken vigorously outside and popped into the washing machine (on their own and without conditioner) and dry so fast. And your pets will hop, skip and jump for joy at the extra attention they will be getting. If you have the space, look into C & C cages, they allow so much more room for your guinea pigs to be guinea pigs, and they will love you for it.

    The principle is the same for rabbits, but you will need to allow them extra room to run and stretch their legs every day. Any room rabbits occupy must be rabbit-proofed as rabbits love to chew EVERYTHING !!! So be warned, they will need lots and lots and lots of toys. A little research will produce amazing ideas for you and your rabbit to live happily together for the winter.

    Be safe, not sorry.