March Already !!!

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'I'm back' :) *said in a Sheldon Cooper manner* He's a character from 'Big Bang Theory' for those who don't know what I'm on about.

WOW - What a start to 2014 !!!

Rain, rain, rain, storm, storm, storm, flood, flood, flood . . . rain, storm, flood . . . stormy rain, flood. We also went down with flu and the washing machine broke !!!

Other than the fridge, the one appliance I cannot live without is the washing machine. Just washing all the piggy fleeces at the laundrette is a logistical nightmare, not to mention all our clothes, bedding, towels etc.

Understandably, all these accumulated problems meant I couldn't keep up with Castle Garth Guinea Pig Hotel's blog or gift shop. And you don't want to know how much paperwork built up as a result. Anyway, that's all been dealt with so - finally - it's back to business.

On the bright side, literally, during the last few days we have glimpsed the sun and our funny British weather has allowed us a chance to look outside at the devastation winter left behind. Our garden is no different. We suffered no structural damage - thank goodness - but still, where to start !!!

The good news is I am now in a better position to update the blog with what else has happened at Castle Garth Guinea Pig Hotel and our future plans. The gift shop, however, may take a little longer to get going.

Come back soon.

Love Donna :)

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