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Here's the thing, it's my birthday on the 25th February - I will be 50 !!! - A big birthday with a big number. I don't like it, it's too high. I feel like I'm running out of time and I have so much more to do. It's a label that makes me sound old and I'm not, I don't feel anything like old.

So, I've had a think and this is what I am going to do to get passed it, because I'll be fine the very next day. It's actually getting to the day - the countdown, if you like - I'm not looking forward too.

For each one of my adorable piggy guests, they will receive a free 5 star pamper spa day each. Don't worry if you haven't booked a holiday in February, I've made a list and I will tick names as and when your holiday occurs during the year. For all my other lovely guests who weren't born a guinea pig or live in Worthing (you know who you are ;) they will receive something else as a treat.

Castle Garth Guinea Pig gift shop is also having a sale - 25% off selected items - because 50 is the new 25 :) - I haven't marked anything as yet (Sunday) so allow me today to finalise everything and then please take a look.

This is all meant to keep me busy throughout February by not allowing me to dwell on anything - like there's only 24 days to go !!! Eeeeeekkkkk !!!


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