Is It Safe To Come Out Now ???

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*Peeks out from behind the sofa*

I'm 50 - Yes, I said it - 50 !!! Acceptance arrived recently. I didn't break down and cry; nothing fell off; no jets flew past with red, white and blue smoke trailing; however, I did contract flu !!!

I haven't had flu for 20 years and I certainly don't want it again - ever. The coughing, pain and yuckiness lasted about a month. The fatigue lasted a lot longer and I have had to rebuild my strength by doing everything slowly. It took me a while to get the hang of that. The weather hasn't helped, either. It's June and it's freezing !!! When the sun did shine, you would have found me in the garden, coat/boots/gloves on - pottering. And because of that I have made some significant changes to our garden to the benefit of our guests that some have already trialed and loved. (Future blog and photos to follow)

During my feeble state, I also decluttered. Letting go of one item on the first day, two items on the second, three items on the third - you understand the pattern - until I reached 31 items on the 31st March. The minimum total of items recycled, donated, sold etc was 496 !!! Although, I've sorted a few more items since, so that total has grown. I must say the process felt wonderful. And you wouldn't believe how much room we have now for indoor guests :)

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