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Due to my unsmart mobile phone developing a terminal fault I have bought a brand new one with apps and everything ;)

I must admit, there have been a few teething problems - Unfortunately, I have missed a few calls and not seen the odd text for 10 hours - Apologies to everyone affected - but that's because I don't recognise the sound of it yet and I haven't figured out how to change the music !!! I know, my mobile might be smart . . .

The absolutely best part is it has this phenomenal camera. So, Castle Garth Guinea Pig Hotel has now joined Instagram :) And I have been able to practice with all my lovely guests who have joined us this Autumn week of half-term and because I am carrying my mobile constantly ready for the next photogenic moment I will not miss any more calls or texts !!! However, if I do you know for certain I must have both hands in use, so please bear with me until they are free again ;)

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  1. Piglet

    Hurrayyy! Link please!

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