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I have been a very bad blogger. On this occasion, I'm going to blame my tool - our computer. It has been on a go slow for ages now so before Christmas I'd finally had enough and took it along to our local computer shop for a look at, expecting a few broken programmes to be deleted or something similar. Oh, no, nothing so simple !!! 748 viruses later - And that's with internet security - Everything had to be wiped, including Vista and a brand new operating system installed. I then spent Christmas and New Year uploading all my favourite programs and photos. Was that the end - Nooooooooo !!! - Something was wrong with the printer, and I can't do without a printer, especially running a business. So, back to the shop we went. It took 2 days to try to get the printer to work, old software, new software, even our router was investigated - the printer worked on every other computer in the shop, but ours. Yes, you guessed it, everything had to be wiped again because Windows 10 had been corrupted, probably by the printer software, and I have had to reinstall all my programs and photos again. You'll be glad to know, the printer is now working and I have caught up with my paperwork. I suppose I should actually write a blog now ;)

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