2018 - A New Year Begins

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What a fantastic year 2017 was for Castle Garth Guinea Pig Hotel. We just about accommodated everyone !!! However, sacrifices had to be made - Not one single blog post and no piggy items created to sell in our online shop. And although we met lots of lovely new guests, with the best will in the world we found it difficult to keep up on occasion, and we have had to remind ourselves that our little hotel is about quality, not quantity.

Exciting times are ahead, though, because 2019 will be our 10th year of trading and we want it to be extra special, which means, this year, 2018 heralds lots of changes !!!

Firstly - Our prices will rise from 1st February.

Bunny guests will be affected the most. Instead of a per pet price, there is now a single enclosure price. Please have a look at our website for details.

We realise we may lose some of our guests because of this decision and we will be sorry to see any of you go, but our enclosures are unique and created to allow your pet/s as much room as possible during their stay with us. Being different costs money to continue to deliver high standards.

Our garden hotel, first used in 2009, is to be replaced with a much larger building. It would be so much more helpful to have electricity at hand, instead of running an extension lead from our kitchen. And music would be an added luxury, for both us and our guests.

Understandably, whilst building work is underway, we may not be able to accommodate any guest usually housed outside. Please be prepared for this by booking your pet/s holiday with as much advanced notice as possible, just in case we cannot accommodate them and you have to make alternative arrangements. We certainly won't be able to take last-minute bookings during our busiest times of the year.

With this in mind - any visit - including delivery and especially collection - is now strictly by appointment with a minimum of an hours notice. Please do not make any appointment until you know for sure what your plans are. Your help in this particular matter would be greatly appreciated.

This is as much a request for your pet/s as for us. Some animals find quick changes of location stressful. Moving from their relaxed holiday home to a small box to a moving car in rapid succession can be helped just a little by allowing your pet/s to emotionally adjust if upon entering their carry box it doesn't move for a while. It also allows us to collect any items brought and to complete your invoice.

Lastly, we would like to thank you for your patience in advance of another busy year. It will be worth it, we promise.

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