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With 2012 underway and the month of February already halfway through I thought I would describe the set up our own piggies enjoy and the plans I have to enhance their lives further.

They are already pretty pampered (spoilt) but whatever I try on them that works I then like to introduce into the hotel for the benefit of all guest piggies.

We currently have 8 boy piggies and 1 girl. All rehomed, they are all housed separately, but all occupy our bedroom. Fortunately, my husband doesn't mind, and it gives me the opportunity to observe their natural behaviour and different personalities. I can do this easily as I use the system initiated in America using cubes and corroplast, or correx in Britain - C&C. Although, at the moment I do not use any correx. I also do not use any sawdust/wood shavings for our piggies or hotel guests. I'll tell you why in future blogs, but for now I wanted to begin by introducing our gang of piggies, for gang they are . . .

Ladies first . . .

Maizie - Also known as Baby Girl, she has the softest coat and the ears of a hawk. She can hear me pick up one blade of Ready Grass and lets everyone else know.

And now the boys, in no particular order of favouritism, promise . . .

Monkey - He's my mischief-maker. Monkey by name, monkey by nature. He possesses no fear, loves to eat anything he's not supposed to and gets into/onto everything, literally.

Coconut - Our biggest pig. He can't seem to leave the ground however many times he tries to popcorn. Don't tell him, but he gets slightly less food than anyone else.

Jasper - The most affectionate of our piggies actually smiles, and would LOVE to meet Maizie, piggy to piggy.

Winston - Is the nibbler of the group and has the most amazing colours in his coat. Really, I should have renamed him Joseph.

Pumpkin - He's our scaredy pig. He also has cataracts, so you have to call his name repeatedly to warn him you're approaching otherwise you won't believe his speed to get away.

Teddy - Who is also a teddy, I'm pretty sure is the oldest of our pigs. He's also suffering a bit with fungal skin at the moment so has my special attention.

Jared - Is all muscle, a tank of a pig, and just loves to play with paper, ripping it very slowly especially at 3 am !!!

And lastly . . .

Gary - Gary, Gary, Gary, Gary. Wild hair, he's the youngest, newest and loudest of the herd.

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  1. Kayla

    Herd dynamic is amazing to watch. I had all the girls in a 6x3-2x5 "L" CC cage with ramp and hay loft. After a while I added a neutered male to the mix. He never developed a bond with any of the girls. Cici was my little blind girl and often slept on that ramp, with piggies jumping over her. She was half deaf as well, so I'd thump the bottom of the cage to simulate an excited herd so I would get her attention. Big families were great! You learn their voices and talk to them like a Crazy Cat Lady because no one else understand how you tell them apart without looking :)

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