Hamster Arrivals

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Along with some regulars enjoying early holidays in January we also accepted the surrender of two hamsters - 1 male named Hercules, 1 female named Angel - into our family.

This is Hercules.


Both were displaying severe behavioural problems due to being fed inappropriate items of food. This 'junk food' had the harmful effect of altering their sleep pattern. They couldn't sleep, which made them very aggressive. They also had nothing to play with in their cages. Although, they did come with exercise balls, we had know way of knowing if they were ever used. I suspect not, as they were like new.

So, the exercise balls were immediately put to use and both hamsters slowly explored their new surroundings while both cages were thoroughly cleaned and all food disposed of. Both cages had built-in exercise wheels, but they tilted in such a way that made them impossible to use and therefore next to useless. We decided to take them out, but I am actively looking for more suitable, stronger wheels. Instead, toilet roll tubes, and cardboard tissue boxes were added and a lot of torn kitchen roll paper towel, some chunks of wood to chew on, oh, and a healthy slice of carrot each.

That was a month ago. Now, both hamsters sleep, soundly. They exercise daily, although Angel is no angel and just loves to escape. Twice now, but not recently !!! They chew their toys and allow us to handle them without biting. A fantastic improvement, I hope you agree.

This is Angel. Not her best side as she won't stay still long enough for me to take a really good photo !!!


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