Hotel Refurbishment

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During a fabulous weekend of unseasonally warm, sunny weather, we started a major spring-clean of the garden and of the hotel apartments. 

When the hotel apartments were first built, we felt it was important that they were constructed in such away that they could be dismantled for deep-cleaning and/or repair. Each apartment is also getting a new paint scheme. The first one completed is one of the rabbit apartments. The colours are green and blue, and, in this case, we decided on mint leaves and blueberries as decoration.



The garden just needed a sweep of all the dead leaves and twigs that had accumulated during winter. It is the veg patch that will need slightly more work. Here fresh new compost will be dug in ready for spring planting. This takes a few weeks to do, as we have to pace ourselves with digging. Usually, we get excited about being outside for the first time and do too much all in one go and pay for the over-exertion with aching bodies !!! The large rabbit run is also getting an overhaul. We want to add different heights for added interest, so that area has also been cleared ready for work to begin over the next few weeks.

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  1. Gemmathepuppy

    My piggy brothers would love the blueberries & mint room! Great job on the refurbishment. x Hello Gemma: Thank you very much :)

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