They're Back !!! Again :)

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Who's back ???

It's Harry and The Birds, of course. This is Harry.

Birds 026-400

And now for The Birds. This is Mum, Billy.

Birds 013-400

Next is Dad, Snowy.


And Baby Cornelius, makes three.

Birds 019-400

You may notice from the photograph that Cornelius has a long beak, and if you were to see him from underneath you would also see that his bottom beak has been completely split into two. This is because when he was younger his beak got skewered by the metal spring from the centre of a peg. It means his beak does not align properly so that he can't wear it down naturally. This is where human assistance is needed to trim it for him. It also means he can't break open certain seed husks, but this doesn't stop him from eating, he just has to have foods offered to him in a different way. He is now a special needs bird, but we love him. 

And lastly, this is Grandad, Clyde.


They all just love watching telly. However, if they don't like the programme/film that you have chosen they will make noise all the way through it.

Everyone goes quiet when it's a good murder mystery, though.


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  1. VeganWheekers

    What a cutie Harry is! And it was fun seeing the members of the Bird family. :-)

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