Too Quiet !!!

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So Harry and The Birds have returned home and already we miss them, it's just far too quiet here without them. And they have missed The Mentalist and Castle, two of their favourite shows, although we have just ordered the three series boxset of The Mentalist so they can catch up any time upon their return :)

Luckily, another guest arrived for a long weekend stay - Caramel, the dwarf lop. He loves people but unfortunately he has a carry box phobia, so he's not always in the best of moods when he gets here. He thinks being put in his carry box means a visit to the vet and he does not like the vet. On his first visit to us it took him two hours to realise we weren't the vet and he would like to be friends. This time it took him half an hour :) Today, he's been playing with toys and thowing his keys around, we're taking this as a good sign !!!


A sleepy Caramel after a particularly messy party !!! 




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