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Easter for us at Castle Garth Guinea Pig Hotel usually starts at least a week before the four day weekend and up to two weeks after and is one of the most concentrated periods of guests coming and going  besides Christmas and New Year.

New guests this year include a trio of Degus who will be with us until June. They came with a house/adventure playground on wheels approximately 5 feet high by 3 feet wide by 2 feet deep and incorporating a very squeaky wheel, which they just love !!! They have large back feet for their size which allows them to leap huge distances sometimes vertically, hence the size of their space. They are also extremely light on their feet. They chew EVERYTHING, but are adorable and ever so friendly. They love to 'smoosh', a new word we've invented which describes how they cuddle together in a cozy group. They also make the cutest noises, a cross between squeaking, whale song and bird chirping. And it changes from high to low and is particularly tuneful. Their names are Mushi, Cautious Cleo and Burt. We tend to call them 'Guys !!!' as everything they do they do together and we can't quite distinguish them separately yet. They are that fast !!!




Returning guests include Chocolate, Tess and Peppa, a trio of girly piggies who just love their spa day. And Speedy, Coco and Crumble, another trio of guinea pigs who are 'all' boys - Messy, playful, noisy, messy, hungry and messy.

We also welcomed a pair of piggies who arrived as girls, but after a spa day left as boys !!! Their names Sooty and Snowbell may or may not change as a result of the discovery !!!


We also have the pleasure of looking after Pandora. A very large, black, grumpy, intelligent, strong-willed female bunny who has eyes that appear to be constantly assessing your weaknesses, rather like the Velocoraptors in Jurassic Park, which means she constantly keeps you on your toes. She leaves us on Wednesday when another bunny arrives called Caramel. He too is grumpy but as long as his travel box is no where in sight he's happy.




 Now if it could be just a smidge warmer - Perfect :)

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