The Veg Plot Thickens

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With all weeds sought out and destroyed; various worms dug up and dug over (not my fault, they shouldn't be in my veg patch anyway !!!); and 3 full bags of lovely earthy compost added the veg plot has been ready for planting for a couple of days now. We were thinking it was getting late to plant anything but the ground has been so cold recently as well as the threat of frost maybe the wait was a good thing.




We haven't the space to grow seeds indoors and transplant out so we tend to buy a mix of plants and seeds that can be planted immediately and/or sown outside and thinned. These are the plants we have bought so far. We also have seeds to grow Dill, Pak Choi and carrots. And yes, they are all the piggies favourites !!!




However, due to Easter and our guests we just haven't had the time to plant anything, which was just as well really with this (not so) little lot falling Tuesday afternoon.



 Anyone got a hard hat ???

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