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Our dear little Monkey (top photo) - remember Monkey by name, Monkey by nature - has been suffering from painful squeaking and hunching whilst weeing. A series of visits to our vet - Sarah - had gradually ruled out various infections, such as cystitis, (yes, male piggies can get that too !!!), however, it also meant something more sinister could be the cause. Especially as Monkey had also started to wee blood and lose weight, all warning signs of possible bladder stones. So it was decided dear Monkey spend a day at the vets having a bladder scan and X-rays and then depending on what was discovered an operation. Coincidentally, Baby Girl Maisie (bottom picture) had also developed a wee squeak, so she was to be admitted too. (A bladder scan had been tried before but this has to be accomplished with a full bladder, however, both Monkey and Maisie were expert at emptying their bladders all over the table/vet (!!!) seconds before the scanner went anywhere near them !!!)

Well, to cut a long story short I basically cleaned to distract myself as we waited for news from the vet.

First the good news, both the bladder scans and the X-rays had been performed without anesthetic, which is always better for the piggy. For Maisie, an enlarged bladder meant an infection of some kind. However, for Monkey, possible stones were indicated.

We were given 3 options :

1 - Leave it, wait and see.

2 - Euthanase

3 - Operate (Possible cost £350) - (Actual cost £200)

Option 3, no question - More cleaning !!!

"He's okay, he's awake, he's eating."

Phew !!!

"Also, it's not bladder stones, he has bladder wall calcification." This is a sticky, white, fibrous mass that coats the inside wall of the bladder, hence the blood, hunch, squeak and weight loss. The vet flushed Monkey's bladder and flushed and flushed again. They also wanted him to have an off-label prescription drug, (a drug that hasn't been tested in a case such as this and carries its own risks/benefits), the name of which I can't even remember let alone spell and keep him in to monitor for at least two days. Maisie too.

When your lead wheekers aren't there to wheek for the team when their human carers happen to pass by the fridge, it makes it very difficult for the rest of the herd to nominate a new leader. So with no piggy to follow no one wheeked. A very quiet couple of days for us all. Well, until the call came that Monkey and Maisie could be collected.

They were tired and not quite sure what the hell had happened, but after some time to just sleep and eat, they soon realised they were back home. Maisie was popcorning all over the place :)

Both are now on a course of Baytril, but with different dosages. It's now a case of daily weight monitoring; listening and watching; keeping them warm, active and happy.

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