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Monkey 011


Born 2008/2009 ??? Rehomed Oct 2009 - May 2012

My intention when first writing this blog was to not only tell you about the comings and goings of our fabulous guests but to also share with you the lives of our adored pets. Unfortunately, fate has intervened and instead of the joys of our pet/human partnerships I find myself sharing the loss of our beloved piggy - Monkey. 

I previously posted that he had to undergo an operation to remove what was at first thought to be bladder stones but which in fact turned out to be a calcium plaque that had coated the inner walls of his bladder. He was in pain, it hurt every time he urinated, but when he came home for the first time in a long time he was pain-free and for that I am so happy because he was finally able to relax. I'm crying now because even though the operation was a success something else was wrong, his weight had already dropped but it kept on falling slowly but steadily, and no matter what foods he ate he lost more and more of those precious grams.

We will never know exactly what was wrong, there were no obvious lumps, no pain now, no normal indicators, other than the weight loss, but he couldn't stay warm without help and some of his white fur changed to a dirty brown colour. I made him comfortable, everything he needed was close at paw, including me; he had a heatpad, a blanket tent and a piggy friend - Coconut - who although housed separately kept Monkey company in his tent day and night. And I brought all our other piggies over to talk to him and Monkey would excitedly talk back, especially if it was Baby Girl Maisie.

The day I decided enough was enough was after he'd had his breakfast and I watched him hobble around his cage, he could barely keep his balance and ambled like a little old man. I knew this was the moment. I phoned the vet for an appointment. There was no rush, Monkey and I cuddled and I cried into his fur. Sarah - our vet - was very kind, I had already said I was emotional, I cried all through that last appointment, she understood, but there was nothing more that could be done. Monkey and I said our last goodbye and my dear little friend was gone.

It's been a week now and I can't tell you how much it hurts. I know this stage will pass and I'll begin to remember all his funny little ways and I hope you won't mind if I add them to future posts, but I miss his happy little face so much. My Monkey. My dear little piggy friend. Love you, Sweetie - Mummy XXX

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