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New guest to Castle Garth Guinea Pig Hotel was Charlie. We haven't had a parrot stay here before so this was going to be quite an experience. Not least with the noises he made, I can't describe the strange and weird chirps and whistles he uttered, but think R2D2 from Star Wars and you're almost there. But when he really got going it was like how I'd imagine the Amazon Rain Forest to be like - VERY LOUD.


Lucky enough for Charlie to feel safe and sit on my shoulder, I now consider myself a honorary pirate - An amazing experience. And he helped me enormously with my grief for Monkey. I defy anyone to feel sad with such a fabulous creature chatting away in your ear, although with that beak it is a little unnerving.




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  1. Linda

    Doesn't look as though he missed me!!!! Hello Linda: *Giggle* Charlie always misses you, you're his mummy :)

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