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Warned in advance that the plastic wheel the degus arrived with may not survive their holiday, we have intermittently hunted for a replacement on the interweb before said wheel disintegrated entirely. Under enormous stress of being used constantly, night and day, day and night, this week the degus decided that wasn't enough strain on the poor thing and started to gnaw it too !!!




Highly recommended was a John Hopewell wheel design, but, it seems, these are only occasionally produced and are very hard to get hold of, but at £50.00 are also very expensive. Fortunately, after a bit of a surf we found a supplier on eBay who produces a very good homemade metal wheel at only £29.99 plus £8.00 post and packing. (By the way, best item packing EVER !!!) And we ordered the wheel on Thursday 24th and it arrived on Saturday 26th. I, for one, do love a quick delivery service.

So here is the new wheel.


Look, so shiny.

Easy to connect in place with excellent instructions, the degus didn't take long checking out the new equipment and taking it for a spin, literally. Indeed, they haven't been off it since and they sleep in it too !!! Although, that's probably down to it being cool on their tummies. And it is just as advertised, it is SO quiet, we can't describe how noisy the plastic wheel was, so we absolutely adore it too :)

So, if you need a really good metal wheel for your degus at a reasonable price we and our degus guests highly recommend this one.

Enjoy :D

Contact details - eBay seller: windsor_kid or try

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