Busy (Wet) June

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Another busy month not just because of guests coming and going but also due to time spent completing that annual puzzle - The Self Assessment Tax Return. I am so glad it's only once a year.

The degus have neither come nor gone, but have invented a game. Remember the new wheel, well, like a child with a new bike the degus love their new toy so much they created a speed game. It is so fast the wheel actually makes the whole cage vibrate, but they love it. The rules of the game involve a degus standing at rest just in front of the wheel, side on, patient, waiting, then at just the right moment the degus lightly jumps sideways on to the moving wheel platform and runs at top speed until the wheel is at max, then leaping off to stand at rest again until the wheel slows, so that the game can repeat over and over. Sometimes this game can last hours. This is a single degu game usually, but can be played with two, if both degus run in the same direction that is. If not, the game comes to an abrupt halt !!!

The degus have another game, this time involving food. Occasionally, they are allowed into the 'nut' box. The box in question is an old sweet tub that is full of peanuts. As a treat they are allowed to choose a peanut. However, they have worked out that they can actually fit two peanuts in their mouths !!! There is a lot of trial and error with this game with a fair amount of pushing and shoving as each degus hunts for the perfect fitting nuts !!! And that is why degus are always smiling. Life is so much fun for them and it stretches their cheek muscles for an extra nut to fit in !!!

Our other guests included three girlie guinea pigs who came for a Jubilee Weekend Spa. Tess takes the longest as she has a full furcut, but Chocolate and Pepper love their 'me' time just as much.


A new guest to the hotel was a delightful hamster called Treacle. A youngster compared to our hamsters she was particular agile. Her family told us they learn all about her by sitting in their (empty) bath for play sessions. A safe environment for all concerned and we think a great idea.


Some more new guests were a pair of girlie bunnies. Bright white on arrival, they actually returned home dirtier as they spent their entire holiday digging. They were in bunny heaven. They'd dig, stop for a snooze, we'd fill in all the holes and it would start all over again. They loved it.


But never stand behind a digging bunny because dirt goes EVERYWHERE !!!

Lastly, Bubble and Squeaky returned for another holiday. A pair of rehomed, boy piggies, they are young, inquisitive and in Squeaky's case, because he's under a year old, very loud and excitable. He 'wheeks' when it's morning, when it's breakfast, when it's cuddle time, but then that's why he's called Squeaky. Quiet Bubble leaves all the talking to his cagemate, but does enjoy the benefits too. 



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    You take the best photos! All so adorable! How sweet of you to say, thank you :)

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