The Supermodel And The Playboy

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New guests for this week include a very long-legged Belgian Brown Hare and her Playboy friend a little black and white Dutch.


They are just adorable and very affectionate.

The SuperModel - real name Buttons - is very graceful and lithe and is a proper little princess whilst her Playboy male companion - real name Billie - is very much the little tearaway and loves to play. His favourite game at the moment is to rip up newspaper and then run around clutching a piece in his mouth. He doesn't eat it, he just loves running around with it in his mouth then exchanges it for another piece.


They both love me lying on the floor so that they can climb up high. It makes changing their rooms a lengthy process but great fun, especially as they have only been outside once this week due to our predictable rainy summer weather. Never mind.



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