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WOW, what a fabulous end to July and a fantastic start to August, which is why I am slightly behind with the blog.

And as always we would like to thank every one of our lovely guests and their families for choosing to come to Castle Garth Guinea Pig Hotel for their holidays.

So, here goes - New and returning guests who arrived, departed and are still here.

The Degus - No, they haven't moved in, their family are in the process of moving house and it's taking longer than expected. We would like to wish them peace during any and all stressful moments.


If you're wondering where the third degus is ???


He's behind me, and, yes, that is the camera strap !!!

Pickle - Piggy. Photo taken after his spa.


Sooty and Snowbell - Piggies. Including a spa each.

Tess, Chocolate and Peppa - Piggies. Including a girlie spa each and fur trim for Tess.

Bubble and Squeak/y - Piggies. And Pixie and Coco - Hamsters. Fantastic set up for each hamster, and the tamest we have ever handled. Spas for the piggies, ball exercise every evening for the hamsters.


Smokey And Twinkle - Piggies. Almost twins, we always have trouble telling these two apart especially when they are relaxed and poofy. Both had pedicures.

Bubble and Squeak/y - Piggies. Yes, very confusing when piggies have similar names, luckily every one of these pigs look different. Also including a spa each.

LouLou and Coco - Gerbils. Also in a new larger house because they needed a newer larger gerbil destructive free zone.

Treacle - Hamster. Arriving in a new cage because naughty owner daddy dropped the previous one whilst cleaning it. Ball exercise every evening too.

Snow - Bunny. Owned by little Ellie, we did warn her Snow, named because he is all white, may not be as white as when she brought him because like all bunnies he just loves to dig.


Pandora - Giant Bunny. Arrived this morning, because her family are having major building work completed on their kitchen. She's relaxed already :)

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