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A regular guest to Castle Garth Guinea Pig Hotel is Harry, who comes all the way from Weymouth to stay with us. He is about 5 now and has been a single pig all his life. However, for his most recent visit he brought his new cagemate and friend Timothy. Timothy's name is still under debate, though. Originally, he was to be called Clarence, but his owners thought it sounded 'too posh' for if/when they have to visit the vets and his name is called, so Clarence has become his middle name. We call him 'Little Guy'.


As you can see Timothy is a little shy of the camera, but makes up for it when it is time to eat with the loudest wheek. Isn't it surprising that the smallest piggies always have the loudest call. He chirps constantly to Harry, who has taken to his new friend magnificently. Although, Harry does give Timothy raised eyebrow glances when Timothy is in that - up, down, running, jumping, over, under, what's this, what's that - mood and thinks 'will you please just sit still for 10 minutes'. But then that's just the old/young gap. A lovely match, never-the-less.


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  1. VeganWheekers

    Another fabulous photo! I love piggy lips. My two piggies would never cuddle like that so seeing this is specially sweet. :-)

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