Paralysed Piggy - Update

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Well, what a difference a week makes. Moonshine is just loving his swim therapy sessions and his posture is improving day by day. He is such a lovely piggy and hasn't complained once and I can't tell you how happy I am with his progress.

Below is a photo taken after his first therapy session. You can see how flat he is down his back. A normal sitting position would result in a lovely curve, but here he does not have that at all. You can also see it is much more comfortable for him to lie with his feet outstretched behind him. He just hasn't the strength to bring his legs up underneath him. Bruising may be preventing this movement too.


 And here are some photos I have taken today.

Just look at the curve of his back now, and he is sat, not lying. His weight is almost equally distributed too.


And he certainly wouldn't have been able to move like this.


Another exercise I found useful is the tummy lift. If you have piggies, you will know that when you put your hand underneath their tummy to lift them they automatically raise themselves in anticipation. This movement also exercises the muscles in their legs, especially the back ones. Just helping him to raise himself half a dozen times each day was enough to produce the mobility he has now.


The photos above show Moonshine's left side which probably received the lesser amount of injury as it has responded to exercise and improved almost immediately. In the photo below, you can see his right side still needs some work but was rigid until two days ago when I felt his thigh muscle and hip and knee joints relax in the warm water. As I progress with his exercises this side will only get better too.






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  1. Vegan Wheekers

    Wow wow wow! Congratulations on the progress! I'm so happy for the little one. I hope he's able to make a full recovery. You are very kind. And I am happy to say Moonshine has made a full recovery :)

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