Paralysed Piggy - Update

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After 16 days the family of Fudge and Moonshine arrived in anticipation to see their piggies. It was a lovely day so the piggies were munching in the sunshine. The family edged closer and saw both piggies run all over the grass. Their faces said it all, they were expecting the worst and found that Moonshine in particular back to perfect health.

Moonshine004-400 Moonshine003-400

Before and after.


This is Fudge, Moonshine's room-mate, and he did take a few liberties whilst his friend was in his paralysed condition, particularly with food. There were a few times with breakfast when he got to the dish first and would pick out a slice of carrot take a bite and then place it next to Moonshine as if to say, 'Okay, this is yours and the rest is mine.' This didn't last long !!!


Even though Moonshine is back to 'normal' the family were fully prepared to take on the responsibility of a disabled piggy, already making adjustments to their living quarters so that they are to live on one level only in future as they suspected a ramp had been the cause of Moonshine's injury. These two piggies are just so affectionate, and Moonshine worked so hard with me, it was a joy to help, and I thoroughly recommend the swim therapy, I think that really helped in Moonshine's recovery :)

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