A Little Help In The Kitchen

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New guest to the Hotel this week is a delightful Dwarf Lop bunny called Patch.


The weather is so yucky at the moment, so no outside play, and he is so friendly and curious that we decided to move him into the kitchen. He has his own area for his bed and toys etc, but we can open the gate to allow him to roam. He just loves to follow everyone around and if he could he'd be asking questions, like 'What you doing ???' - 'Is that for me ???' - 'Can I get in there ???' - 'Why ???'.


Very much a 'half in - half out' little guy, he seems very settled and comfortable with us. Although, with silent bunny slippers he does tend to creep up on you when you're not looking and surprise you with a soft nose nudge when you're least expecting a soft nose nudge :D

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