Harriet, Peppa And Georgie

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These beauties are Harriet, Peppa and Georgie and they are - kind of - related to Patch our guest 'ninja' bunny who is currently staying at Castle Garth Guinea Pig Hotel at the moment. The owner of Patch is the daughter of the owner of these piggies, and booked Patch in because her Mum couldn't wait to tell her all about our Hotel after she had visited. How lovely a recommendation is that ???

Peppa in the middle is a Teddy and is the youngest of the three but also happens to be 'top pig'. Harriet has these gorgeous chubby cheeks, while Georgie has a cute unicorn horn. Harriet and Georgie are sisters and all have been rehomed. Each one experienced their first spa while they were here and thoroughly enjoyed the pampering. We can't wait to have them visit again because they were so much fun :)


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