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You may be wondering how '007' connects with Castle Garth Guinea Pig Hotel at all. Well, the simple answer is 'The Birds' are the connection.

I have mentioned before that we have three cockatiels - Billy, Snowy and Cornelius. On occasion they make a lot of noise - A LOT of noise !!! Now, I wouldn't normally suggest sitting your pets in front of the TV to be entertained, but they just love Sky's new James Bond Channel - Sky Movies 007. In fact, since Sky started showing all the Bond films on one channel, we haven't heard a peep out of them. And, rather like children, the time to worry is not when they are making lots of noise, but rather when there is silence that makes you come running to check what is wrong. And we keep on checking, but they are absolutely enthralled.

Do you think they are taking notes about taking over the world ??? Should we be worried ??? Did anyone hear that ??? - Mwa Ha Ha Ha Ha !!!

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