Remember Remember the 5th November

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Only it's not just the 5th November that fireworks are deployed, it's usually a few days before and a couple of days after as well, but what you do need to remember is all animals get scared at this time of year, not just cats and dogs. Indoor animals as well as the ones living outside. If you have guinea pigs or rabbits in hutches, for instance, move them into a shed and if you can put a radio on to drown out some of the noise. Cover their cages in many layers of blankets again to muffle noise and to block out as many of the bright flashes as you can. For your pets who are lucky to live indoors, close curtains and leave lights on. Again the noise of a TV or radio will cover most of the extra loud noises coming from outside.

And always check bonfires for hedgehogs. Light just one side so that if they need to escape they still have a chance of survival.

Stay safe.

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