Elvis Is In The Building !!!

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Actually piggy Elvis - so named because he has a quirky lip - and his piggy housemate, Mr Kunzi - named after a school teacher - have been at Castle Garth Guinea Pig Hotel for a month now. Regular guests who this year brought their hamster friend called Mabel.

Elvis 003-400
Mr K 003-400

Mr Kunzi - in the bottom photo - is top pig in this relationship, and given the chance would eat everything before poor dear Elvis even gets out of bed, which is why in some piggy relationships you do have to make sure both piggies are getting their fair share, even if one piggy doesn't think so !!!

Now, there are times in any hotel's business when a circumstance occurs that sometimes you just have to giggle at, this is one instance . . .


A towel placed next to Mabel's cage was just too interesting to ignore, she must have stretched her little arms and paws at great length to be able to snag just a corner but which then brought more material within reach !!!

Never mind, it's only a towel, but she had the softest bedding that week :)


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