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Pandora's here :)

Pandora is a giant black rabbit with 'attitude', we built all our rabbit houses and runs with her size in mind, this means we know all other bunny guests have plenty of room.

She arrived at Castle Garth Guinea Pig Hotel yesterday. At present, she is in 'bunny at rest' position in the kitchen with me watching my attempt at putting all our Christmas decorations away. I'm sure she's thinking it's not all going to go away in this box, which to be fair is probably true as there is normally two boxes but I got rid of one - Doh !!!

No one can remember which day is the actual day to have all the decorations packed away by without causing bad luck, so we aim for the 4th January for when we miss something - always do !!! - giving me a chance to quickly run to the loft with it. The whole place is looking both messy and bare at this point and takes me, personally, a few days to get over Christmas disappearing for another year.

For those of you who have a glitter phobia, and we know a few who are - Christmas must be a nightmare for you - please look away now . . . There is glitter absolutely everywhere !!!

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