Severe Weather Warning !!!

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Dear readers:

We find ourselves on the brink of a particularly nasty weather system clash over Britain from tonight. Even in Bournemouth, where it never snows !!!

At the moment it is very cold, but calm and peaceful out there, however, this is set to change dramatically. This is the lull before the storm and gives you the chance to 'baton down the hatches' by moving any outside pets to safer areas. They are at particular risk this weekend. Again, we must advise you to move any hutches to secure locations - A shed, summer-house or car free garage, even a conservatory would be better than outside for the next few days. Lift their houses off the ground, add plenty of hay and extra covers for insulation. Change all their bedding today. Keep them warm, dry and out of draughts. Check their water bottles regularly, especially the spout. Even a couple of socks over the bottle would keep ice from forming inside. They will also need extra portions of fresh food and more pellets throughout the day as all their energy will be used in keeping their core body temperature constant. Again, we recommend if this is not possible, please consider booking them into small pet accommodation, who will have greater provision for keeping them safe.

Remember, your pets rely on you to think of their every need. Imagine yourself in their place, what would you ask for if you could speak ???

And, if you happen to live within Castle Garth Guinea Pig Hotel's area, even if it has already snowed, we have the means to come and collect your pets if you are at all worried.

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