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2013 has already seen many changes at Castle Garth Guinea Pig Hotel, which we will cover in future blogs, but for now we would like to introduce Abbie.


Abbie is a golden Labrador from Ireland and was picked up by a charity which has links to Dorset Dog Rescue -

We had been surfing the internet since before Christmas in the hope of finding a suitable addition to our family after we said a sad goodbye to Conker, our dog of 15 years, and last week we saw Abbie.

Abbie is less than 2 years old and has had at least one litter of puppies, probably more. She is extremely nervous of humans, which is more than likely due to being kept in isolation. She is under weight and subdued. She tends to tip toe around people, hoping they won't see her, she holds her head down and her tail between her legs. However, since the weekend we have already seen subtle changes that she is beginning to accept us, our home and above all our friendship, kindness and hopefully this will teach her to trust. There is more often than not a look of curiosity in her eyes and a waggy tail, especially if you happen to have a bite-sized piece of chicken in your hand - Abbie absolutely loves chicken :) - but with time, understanding and care we can also help Abbie to accept our love. We will keep you posted.

Finally, we would just like to mention Abbie's foster mum Jane and her daughter Daisy, who introduced us and to thank them for their brilliant work helping Abbie begin her journey of adjustment. You are amazing, guys :)

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