February Half-Term

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We just love the first half-term of the year here at Castle Garth Guinea Pig Hotel because it not only means we start seeing all our fabulous guests again, but a fresh new year has begun and that in itself is a good thing. And as the month of February ends the bookings for the rest of the year begin and that usually means guests and their families are thinking of holidays, and lazy days as the sun pokes his head around his winter blanket and warmer weather makes a promise to visit occasionally, which is always lovely to think about especially after all this rain and now snow we've had. Although, looking outside, our garden desperately needs some TLC, but it's just too cold to do anything significant. So inside we stay trying to keep warm with extra piggy cuddles and lots of ideas, plans and lists to be made.

You may have also noticed that we haven't posted any photos for a while. That's because before Christmas our camera stopped working and we gave it to a local camera shop to fix. BIG MISTAKE !!! The shop was Jessops and they closed down in the new year and we've only now had our property returned to us. Thank goodness. Unfortunately, we have missed all kinds of photo opportunities in the mean time, which we hope to remedy in the very near future with news of new residents.

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