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Mr Kunzi and Elvis were two of Castle Garth Guinea Pig Hotel's original guests, and these are a couple of my favourite photos of them. Unfortunately, earlier this year we learned with great sadness of the passing of Mr Kunzi. Always such a happy, friendly piggy he adored Elvis, his house-mate, who pined terribly for his friend. So, we volunteered to permanently care for Elvis and hopefully bond him with one of our own piggies.

Using C & C grids enables me to build cages to specific requirements, which means I was able to introduce Elvis to our piggy Gary so that they could see, hear and smell each other without touching and possibly fighting. Boy piggies can be so unpredictable in this regard as everyone wants to be Top Pig. I also place a fleece cover over this divide which creates a secluded, cozy tent and is loved by all our piggies.

Gary and Elvis immediately made themselves known to each other and then when the talking was over settled down to lie next to each other in their tent. After a week the divide was taken out and the tent moved to one end and that was it bonded piggies sharing life together. And Gary certainly lifted Elvis's spirits, he even had him popcorning !!! Gary wasn't exactly Top Pig more an Equal Pig showing Elvis how to come to the front and not to hang back when food arrived.

Unfortunately, Elvis's age finally caught up with him. An abscess in his cheek was causing him problems eating and although our lovely vet was willing to do the surgery and I was prepared for the after-care, I was already hand-feeding Elvis, and taking into account his other health issues we all felt the operation would have had a detrimental impact on Elvis and the end of life decision must concentrate solely on the welfare of the animal concerned and not what we would prefer to happen. It is never taken lightly and personally I cry every time.

Elvis's family were so lovely when I called and knew how much we loved both Mr Kunzi and Elvis.

We truly love every single pet that visits Castle Garth Guinea Pig Hotel, even the grumpy ones - You know who you are Pandora.


Our sincerest condolences to Leza, Jamie and Janet and please keep in touch. XXX

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