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Little did we know that just two days after Elvis passed away would another of our piggies need help.

Badger came to stay with us in September 2012 when his sibling and house-mate - Bodger - died mysteriously and his family couldn't find him another home.

Bodger and Badger were outside piggies who only had human interaction when they were fed their veggies once a day and cleaned out once a week. As a result, Badger was very timid, very lonely and extremely small for his age.

Because no one knew the exact reason Bodger had passed away, Badger had to stay separate from our piggies for about two weeks before we successfully bonded him with Coconut in much the same way as Gary and Elvis. Coconut is one of our fattest piggies, although is very much a slippery pig when it comes to having his nails trimmed, but otherwise very laid back indeed !!!


And Coconut just loved his new second-in-command with Coconut very much the Top Pig in this relationship, but Badger liked that too.

One game they used to play was the 'Two second rule' game when it came to whose house was whose. I always provide two houses so that piggies can have the choice of sleeping together or separately, but these two just loved to settle in a house each and then hop into each other's warm spots as soon as either got up to eat or drink, which meant the returning piggy was always surprised to find there was already an occupant in the bed they had only just vacated, with a 'How did that happen' expression !!! Within the last two weeks, though, we would find Coconut either sat or lying very close to Badger or sleeping in the same house while Badger seemed to be in a kind of trance. Sweet, but a little worrying without knowing why. Badger also started drinking loads of water and then in the last couple of days he started having trouble eating. This is when I started syringe feeding. Sometimes it can be just because a piggy is having an off day and needs a little extra attention, but with Badger it felt as if he was so hungry he couldn't take the food in fast enough. Another vet visit was arranged where a lump was discovered right at the back of Badger's throat, more than likely cancerous and definitely causing his food restrictions, which is why Badger was only able to drink. The vet also suggested that due to Badger's young age that both Bodger and Badger probably had a similar genetic disorder.

Such a sad situation as Badger was such a sweet-natured, gorgeous piggy and having lost his nervousness would come forward for a nose rub and not run and hide which he did when he first arrived. Unfortunately, due to our camera situation I never got to take any photos of him, for which I am heart-broken about.

We buried Elvis and Badger together.

As you can imagine, everyone is feeling subdued this morning. Not many wheeks for breakfast as the piggies are very much aware when their group loses a member.

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