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It wasn't long after Abbie joined our family that we noticed that she interacted quite differently with dogs to humans. A human had obviously had a harmful effect on her in the past, which we realise she may never get over, but that is not to say Abbie doesn't also realise that we are not the same as the change in her since she has been with us has shown her that not all humans are mean to dogs. However, we did think that maybe another dog would help her to gain more confidence, so after a great deal of thought we decided we would get another dog - a friend for Abbie. 

As it turned out, we not only had to think about the right sort of companion for Abbie, but one that liked small furries too, fitted in with all of us and was another rescue dog.

Who would have thought that within a week of properly looking we would find the perfect candidate - Tia :)

Mostly lab, but with something else thrown in, of which there is many a guess about what that is, Tia is almost the opposite to Abbie, but immediately treated Abbie like an older sister. How lovely is that.

So, here we have Abbie and Tia on a recent trip to the beach. A place neither have ever been too, but which is now one of their most favourite places to visit.


 This is Tia.



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