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Finally, our belated Spring weather seems to have arrived with the May Day Bank Holiday. Thank goodness for that. I think we were all beginning to worry it was never going to get here, or had decided to visit somewhere else. Usually, I would have completed any Winter repairs to Castle Garth Guinea Pig Hotel and begun any new projects after our guests of Easter had left, but the cold temperatures certainly put a stop to that. So, already I am behind schedule, but visitors will soon see a change as I catch up, and, of course, our online visitors will see what I have done when I post the photographic evidence. Certainly, new guests, adorable teddies Ben and Jerry - no prizes for guessing the origin of their names - who stayed over this weekend were avid watchers as I began construction of a new bunny enclosure. They were literally bouncing all over the place and a joy to watch as they played follow the leader, although the role of leader kept changing, which means these two have a lovely equal partnership  - Your turn, no, wait, your turn :)


Ben and Jerry or is it Jerry and Ben !!!

Sadly Easter Bank Holiday's weather wasn't so good, so new guest Perky, who had just lost housemate Pinky to cancer was on a recuperation holiday as she had also just undergone an operation to remove lumps from under her chin leaving a 3 inch scar and stitches.


Under the circumstances she was allowed to stay in the same room as all our piggies so she had extra guinea pig interaction and lots of comforting cuddles to cheer her up before having her stitches out and returning home to choose a new housemate.

New guests, Chilli and Nugget, also came to stay, but for Chilli, sadly, it was only to be for a few days as his health deteriorated enough to call for urgent vet intervention. Although expected as he had lost a significant amount of weight for no clear reason prior to his stay with us at Castle Garth Guinea Pig Hotel it is never easy for us when any of our guests are ill, especially knowing we are unable to help them when we have to say that final goodbye. We can only try everything we possibly can to make any length of stay here as relaxing and as comfortable as possible. For Nugget, though, her stay here has become permanent as she has become housemate to our own Maisie.




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