One Potato, Two Potato, Bad Potato

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Abbie and Tia's usual riverside walk yesterday morning turned into an unexpected urgent visit to see our fantastic vet Andy at Natterjacks. 

The smell of something of such interest floating on the air enticed Abbie, who is normally so obedient, to get that Labrador determined look in her eyes, scoot under a double barbed wire fence, trot into an empty field usually occupied by a herd of cows and find something I couldn't see from where I was standing that no amount of calling on my part could get her to come back or leave alone. And then Tia wondered what adopted big sister was doing and galloped on over to see.

Good grief, now what do I do ??? Stupid double barbed wire fence, or words to that effect.

Okay, use one lead to wrap around as many wires as possible and pull tight get on all fours and crawl through the gap. Now, trample over a cow trodden field of uneven ground and get to two naughty dogs. Tia did come over to me bringing me as a present whatever it was Abbie was now tucking into with zeal and dropped it at my feet.

What is that ??? Horse poo - No. Hang on, that's a potato. That's a huge pile of potatoes - rotten, uncooked, sprouting potatoes. Good grief, that's not good !!!

Abbie now on her lead, a potato in my pocket for evidence, we tramped back over the field with Tia following, her lead is still wrapped around the barbed wire so we can get back through and we came straight home.

A quick google search revealed that uncooked potatoes contain a toxin called Solanine, which is deadly to both dogs and humans, attacking the neurological system if left untreated eventually leading to death.

With no symptoms manifesting both doglets were taken in at Natterjacks Vet as I couldn't be sure if Tia had eaten any potatoes, but Abbie definitely had. The Natterjack nurses then had the unenviable task of administering a mustard mix to induce Abbie and Tia to vomit. Tia didn't bring up anything, but Abbie produced a great big pile of stinky, rotten, mushy potatoes. Eeeeeewwwwww !!!

With tablets for a week to protect them, both doglets are back on the bed snoring, none the worse for their ordeal. I, however, am definitely financially worse off and will be packing a pair of wire cutters on my next walk !!!

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