Pigeon Holes

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A while ago we moved our computer from one end of the kitchen to the other. It is situated in the kitchen because this is the room we use most. The screen is now on top of a set of pigeon holes used for tins and things, which means it is eye level. It also means The Birds are facing the screen for them to watch Sky Go and they can interact with someone when they are sat working on the computer. There is always a great deal of excitment from The Birds when someone is there because when they are let out to fly it usually starts with a swoop down onto the keyboard for a bit of key stamping and then they fly off round the kitchen usually landing on top of the boiler. During today's excursion, however, Billie suddenly realised there were these holes that were just big enough for her to crawl into, and when one bird is interested in something the others decide it's time to play follow-the-leader.


 I have no idea how pigeons fit in here, there's not even enough room to swing my tail feathers ???


 Wait, is it time for my close up ???


 What about me ???


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