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07.07.2010 - 27.06.2013

The hardest part of having pets is seeing them sick and having to say goodbye. It doesn't matter how big or small they are. If you make a connection with any living thing, it bloody hurts when they die. It never gets any easier. And you already know I'm crying as I write this.

Jasper, our very affectionate Himalayan piggy, with his cheeky grin, licky tongue and cuddly way, was a relatively young pig in our herd but it seems when it is your time to go, nothing and no one can stop the inevitable.

When he originally arrived he lived with Jared and then Winston, but after they all fell out due to a 'boy' issue he looked after Maisie and then Nugget and I am glad to say that he did eventually get to live with them both after he had the 'I'm sorry, but you do have to lose your bits' operation. Nugget especially loved his company as she had already been used to a male piggy as a companion. And Maisie chose Jasper has her companion out of all the boys in our herd when she first joined us and wasn't used to another piggy having lived on her own on a balcony. The three of them had a great friendship and I used to love watching them in the evenings as they pootled around in their extra huge C&C apartment. Unfortunately, Jasper had something wrong with his gastric motility, which basically meant although he was eating, he was unable to digest properly which resulted in everything coming to a complete stop. This in guinea pig terms is about the worst thing that can happen. His gastric stasis had already occurred twice earlier in the year, but with a lot of nursing we had been able to get everything moving again. This time though, he wasn't so lucky. And with this kind of illness, guinea pigs can go so quickly. It is so not fair.

Dearly loved, we are all going to miss you, Jasper XXX

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