Summer Holidays - Part 1

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And with military-like precision we have begun our busiest summer yet at Castle Garth Guinea Pig Hotel. The photographs below are the guests who have stayed with us recently or are here now. Then there will be just as many staying for the final few weeks of August including our first tortoise :)

We begin with Clover And Badger.


Obi And Anakin - Star Wars fans obviously.

Obi001-400 Anakin001-400

Harry - On his own again as Timmy is now staying with another member of their family due to piggy disagreements.


The Hirdle Pigs (Speedy And Coconut) - Down to two now due to the sad loss of their brother Crumble.

Speedy001-400 Coconut001-400

Treacle - Hamsters never sit still for me so all hamster photos are always out of focus !!!


The Girls - Georgina, Peppa And Harriet


Buttons - New guest bunny

Buttons001-400 Buttons002-400

Perky And Olga (Piggies) - Dick And Dom (Gerbils) who are in focus because they like to sleep in the open, luckily, otherwise they would be blurry too.

Perky002-400 Olga001-400
D001-400 D002-400

Molly - Remember what I said about hamsters. Notice the clear rope, so it can't be my photography skills or lack of them !!!

Molly001-400 Molly002-400 Molly003-400

Smokey And Twinkle

Smokey002-400 Twinkle003-400

Fudge And Moonshine

Fudge001-400 Moonshine062-400

Mushy !!! Short for Mushroom.


The Sansome Pigs - Amelia And Remy - These two will also feature in a separate blog with gory photos. You have been warned !!!

Amelia001-400 Remy001-400

 See you soon for Summer Holidays - Part 2 :)

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