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Yet another Bank Holiday - Must mean an emergency visit to the Night Vet !!!

Saffy being a puppy doesn't have a fully functioning immune system yet, and as such she can be susceptible to amongst other things bites and stings. She has already been bitten by something in the garden this summer and sported a rather bumpy nose for a few days, but during Monday morning (and by this I mean 4 am) she had the misfortune to be asleep in the coolest room in the house at the moment - the bathroom - and get bitten by a meandering spider !!! I heard her bark and within minutes she came downstairs with a terrible story to tell me and a swollen muzzle and puffy eyes.  Oh, Saffy, you poor thing, what's happened ???


It's a terrible photo, due to the light in our hall and of course the early hour, but I hope you can make out Saffy's swollen features. Her eyes especially are particularly bad and if you had felt around her mouth it would have felt hard, lumpy and very hot to the touch. She had had an allergic reaction. Yikes !!! Luckily, the emergency vet is at the end of our road, so we were seen very quickly and a antihistamine injection was administered immediately, as in some cases the dogs breathing can be affected. The vet bill cost £201 in total !!!


And this was Saffy a few hours later, with a face back to its original size and with no lasting effects. Of course, Saffy then spent  most of Monday catching up on lost sleep after such dramatic events. I, however, didn't get that option !!!

We now have Piriton tablets in our animal first aid box. Piriton, the vet told us, can be safely given to dogs if they get bitten or stung and have an allergic reaction. Who knew !!!


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