Summer Holidays - Part 2

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And so half-way through August we began part two of the summer holdays as more guests arrived to stay at Castle Garth Guinea Pig Hotel after a few of the guests who joined us at the end of July went home.

Remember Ben and Jerry ??? They are regular guests here now. Always a pleasure :)


Much like Ben the elderly bunny who visits often too


New guests this summer included Sweep - an 8 year old guinea pig; Tessa - a 50 year old tortoise; and Herbert the hamster.


Herbert the hamster, as with all my other hamster photos, is out of focus !!! I wouldn't want to disappoint anyone.

Next is Bubble and Squeaky. 

Bubble002-400 Squeaky002-400

Another guest hamster and regular - Barney - came to stay during August, but being 3 and a half and moving very slowly due to his old age his family did discuss the possibility of the inevitable happening while they were away. It is rare, but it does need to be discussed and we do have protocol in place if such an instance occurs, which in Barney's case did happen. Barney was such a sweet little hamster, and he will be sorely missed. A photograph of a much younger Barney can be found at the bottom of our Accommodation page. We send our sincerest condolences to his family - Steve, Hannah and William. Remember to keep in touch, Guys.

Here we have Pickle and Snowy. Pickle was the last piggy of a family of three boys, whilst Snowy had lost his housemate earlier in the year and I offered to find him a new home so that he wasn't on his own. I thought of Pickle at once and was thrilled to hear that Pickle's family were happy to help and allowed the two piggies to meet and now they make a great pairing in their own right.


I think the whole neighbourhood knows when Charlie arrives for a holiday. Thankfully no one has complained about the noise yet. Quick, give him something to eat !!!


As you can see in the photograph, Buttons has really settled in since his family discovered us.


Is that a hamster photograph in focus I see before me ??? Pity we can't see your face though, Treacle. She has just been given a bowlful of new food in this picture which she has now stuffed into both cheeks and is attempting to find a suitable place in which to hide everything !!!


Mushy - sooooo relaxed after his spa day :)


Amelia and Remy - I haven't forgotten I promised gory photos.

Amelia002-400 Remy002-400

Twinkle and Smokey proving you can get plenty of use out of a paper bag and some hay. Although not together - My turn !!!

Twinkle007-400 Smokey006-400

Fudge and Moonshine

Fudge002-400 Moonshine063-400

And lastly Harry


There was a whole day when Castle Garth Guinea Pig Hotel was empty and it had a thorough clean. New guests have since arrived for September :)


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