Late Summer Holidays

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Recently returned home after their first holiday at Castle Garth Guinea Pig Hotel, here are Keith and Kenny. A great pair these two, every day they were excitedly charging all over the place and so funny to watch. These photos were taken just after their spas which is why they are all snuggled and sleepy :)

Keith004-400 Kenny007-400

Another guest who had his first holiday with us in September was Jimbo. An older boar so a more chilled piggy he loved to just sit and cuddle and wait for food !!!


And  returning visitors to their favourite apartment were Clover and Badger. Also a pair who loved to charge about, I'm pretty sure there was a competition going on as to who could make the most noise - Boys !!!

Clover001-400 Badger001-400

And going home this afternoon will be Ben. Here he is having his morning groom. He will lie like this for hours if he can, he loves being brushed.


See, sooooooooooooo relaxed :)


The hotel won't be empty though as Charlie The Parrot has just arrived and there will be more guests arriving this afternoon :)


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