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Born 2009 ??? Rehomed Jan 2010 - Oct 2013

Winston was my tri-coloured piggy, and as you can see from the photo above he was lucky to have had a number of colours in his coat, but he also had gold flecks, which you can see more clearly around his ears and eyes, although they ran all through the dark brown on his head and shoulders, and they were just so pretty and his coat was always so sleek especially after a bath. He was a joy to cuddle and stroke and could lie in his favourite crescent shape with his feet dangling off my tummy for hours. He didn't even mind when I was reading a book above him. Although, he was a nibbler too, and you always had to watch it if you had your fingers in front of his mouth when you picked him up as the temptation was just too much for him sometimes. And his teeth were always so sharp !!! Never a shy piggy, actually he was very nosey and always wanted to know what you were doing if you were anywhere near his cage. And he was never quiet about his intentions to find out either :)

When he first arrived he lived with Coconut but when puberty hit he had to live on his own with next door neighbours, as he was such a feisty piggy, but he loved that and was always happy to sit side by side with any neighbour I put close to him, he just didn't like to live with any of them, and, believe me, I tried them all - twice. But, no, he wasn't having any of it, as I said - feisty.

Unfortunately, early this week Winston just stopped eating and although he was happy to be syringe fed, I just knew he wasn't going to make it to the vet so I just sat with him cradled in my arms until he slipped away. He had no lumps or bumps that I could feel, he wasn't in pain, he was warm and comfortable, but even after you try absolutely everything to keep them going, when piggies decide it's their time, they just go. It's so not fair. And I go through this with every one of them, but it won't stop me from rehoming more. To help me a little, I do move all my remaining piggies around. Although, sometimes I do slip up and called Winston for breakfast and then cried all morning after I realised what I had said :( Sweet dreams, Baby Boy XXX

So, now we have 6 piggies - Maisie and Nugget, my 2 baby girls, who live in a 4 x 2 C&C penthouse suite (For those of you who know what that means) - Coconut and Gary, who have the biggest house, a 6 x 2 C&C apartment - which leaves Jared, Winston's piggy neighbour and Teddy who is the eldest. So I thought I would try bonding Jared and Teddy. To do this I put a C&C house within a larger C&C run with Teddy in the smaller house and Jared around the outside. After an initial teeth-chattering session both settled next to each other for the rest of the day, which I thought was a good sign so the following day I took the smaller C&C house out and allowed Jared and Teddy to meet. Poor Teddy bore the brunt of the introduction, so to speak, as he was literally humped all morning, before Jared eventually tired himself out. But then that was it, they are now bonded and are quite happy to sit next to each other, eat side by side, and talk. Although only one piggy is permitted in the bedroom at a time. I suppose, there has to be a line somewhere !!!

Well, look at that, there has been a lovely development since I wrote this blog - Jared and Teddy are infact sharing the bedroom :)

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