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We have been very fortunate with our weather in England this Autumn - An occasional splash of rain, yes, of course, but it has been so mild we haven't even had to turn our central heating on yet !!!

Well, that looks set to change dramatically in the very near future. I have heard reports that the first storm of winter is already on its way across the Atlantic to possibly batter the lower half of England (or if it moves higher the upper half of England !!! I know, but we had better be prepared anyway) as early as Sunday with torrential rain and damaging gusts as strong as 80 mph especially along the south coast which could potentially damage trees and buildings and will certainly create a lot of debris and chuck everything everywhere !!!

Imagine then what that will feel like to a guinea pig or rabbit in their outside hutch.

So, I'm going to beg you - please, please, please - move your outside pets indoors, at the very least, before this storm arrives, but ideally until Spring of next year. Even moving their hutch into a shed or summer-house would give them added shelter and a greater sense of security, but as I have also read that the temperatures this winter are set to plummet to a (since records began) hundred year low, why not find a little room for them indoors now. Believe me, they will absolutely love you for it :)

Keep safe, everyone.

And, remember, you can e-mail or text me anytime for advice.

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