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Teddy 008-400


Born 2006 ??? Rehomed Feb 2010 - Dec 2013

Teddy abbreviated from Teddy Bear was so named because he was in fact a Teddy - A breed of piggy known for their distinctively crinkly, if slightly rough fur and whiskers, which are unmistakable too because none of them grow straight either. Teddy was also my oldest piggy at about 7 and the smallest, with, until recently, the loudest wheek, would you believe :)

Teddy was rehomed into our family of piggies at about the age of 3/4 from a breeder who had more than likely kept him on a wire-bottomed cage and had allowed his nails to grow so long they had curled and twisted resulting in permanent damage to his paws. This meant Teddy always moved quite differently from all our other piggies with the strangest walk. It never bothered him, though. Nothing ever did. And a good reason for him to always be housed on fleece so that his feet were permanently cushioned. Unfortunately, poor Teddy had to suffer the indignity of an impacted rectum for the last 2 years of his life, which meant he had to have manual help to expel any poops he produced as his bottom muscles couldn't manage it themselves. This he did not like at all but it had to be done and he understood this. And last year he did also suffer quite badly with a fungal skin condition, which took him most of the year to conquer mainly because of his age and a couple of worrying moments of frailty. He did win through but it meant he had to be completely separate from all our other piggies just in case they caught it too. He was still in the same room, though, so not alone. I think this is when he learnt to wheek the loudest, he was the one who saw the food arrive first :) Finally, after Winston passed away, Teddy was lucky enough to move in with Jared. One of our biggest piggies who repeatedly humped poor Teddy upon introduction but then settled down with his new elderly friend, who was half his size and surprised us all with his total devotion and kindness to him. The first of any of our piggies to actually snuggle together in the same house or tent. Even after Teddy had passed away and I had placed him in his favourite spot Jared sat with his companion all night and most of the next day until it was clear he had said good-bye. Jared understood. And something I would advise piggies be allowed to do when their housemate dies. I really do think it helps them to accept what has happened and in due course allows them to welcome another friend to share their life with, which, of course, piggies should always have.

Jared is now in the process of being introduced to piggies Coconut and Gary, which may or may not work as it will mean there are 3 male piggies together but, I think, worth a try. I'll let you know what happens in a future blog.

For now, losing my little, old Teddy Bear hurts so much it is taking a lot of effort to keep up, but I know this will ease in time - patience is the key.

I would just like to send a special word of gratitude to all my Twitter friends who have sent such kind and thoughtful messages over the weekend after I first posted that I was losing Teddy. Each and every one of you helped me so much to get through the last few days. Thank you <3

Good night, little one, Mummy will always love you XXX

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  1. Alice CaliCavy

    Oh what a darling little face! Just remember you gave him a wonderful life.. Teddy was lucky to have you. Stay strong! Dear Alice: You are very kind, thank you XXX

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