Accommodation for guinea pigs and rabbits comprises of purpose-built, spacious apartments within a large, insulated building.

Wendy 027-400 

 H&Co 006-400

Along with bottles and bowls your pet can also enjoy the comforts of hay stuffed houses, tents, tunnels and edible toys. All you need to bring is their usual dried food as everything else is provided.

 SPP 014-400

Clean water - changed daily - hay and (fresh and/or dried) grass are available at all times throughout the day and night.

Ralph&Co 056-400 

Our garden is organic and secluded with dappled shade.

 Ralph&Co 028-400

We have various-sized playgrounds available, all of which are stationary and secure. Although, your pet is never left unsupervised.

 SC&C 049-400

Cleanliness is thorough too with only natural products used to protect the health of your pet.

Smaller pets and birds are guests within our house and can expect to enjoy the additional benefits of TV, radio and being involved in our family life.

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